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Especially for juniors, seniors, and gap-year students, this program takes a deep dive into college readiness. From your welcome gifts to mealtime, you'll live purposefully, intentionally, and more aware of your decisions. We'll plan your days and your lessons so that when you do go off, you'll be ready. In this program you can expect to:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Become aware of self-presentation, body language, and personal branding
  • Tackle challenges, calculate risk, and know when to walk away
  • Gain an understanding of presentation, reading your audience, and telling your story
  • Identify your physical and mental strengths and know how to use them
  • Define what physical, mental, relational, emotional, spiritual, and financial 'well being' means to you
  • Make choices, deal with consequences, and set yourself up for success

Our retreats will be held in several locations beginning in summer of 2018.

2018 Applications are closed, but fill out the form to the left for future retreats!