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[Yoga : Strength, Flow, and Focus

Launching July, 2018

[College : A Day in the Life

June - Sold Out

July 22nd - Registration Open

August 5 - Registration Open

[Outdoor Adventure : Trials and Trails

Coming Summer, 2018



What is PowerThroughThat?

PowerThroughThat is a mentality of awareness. We use interactive play help you become more in tune with your surroundings, your strengths, and your story. Our coaches help you raise your impact and your voice, fully preparing you to go get whatever it is you're after.  


How Does a Class Session Work?

Every class and module is different. A sample class session might have a 15 minute activity, a 20 minute lecture, a 40 minute activity, and a 15 minute discussion wrap up. Other class sessions might have a 10 minute lecture, a 45 minute activity, a 15 minute tag-team talk-back with the entire group, and then a 20 minute practice to integrate what you just learned. Everything depends on our group and your individual goal - two sessions are never identical. 

Do I need Special Equipment?

You don't need boxing gloves, a fancy camera, or even a yoga mat for our modules. If you're signing up for an athletic module you'll need gym clothes, a water bottle, sneakers, and perhaps a few more things for your college module (don't worry, we'll prepare you ahead of time).  

Why Artists, Athletes, and Entrepreneurs? 

We love working with individuals who are intrinsically driven to achieve. You could be a world touring artist or a world class fingerpainter, a D1 athlete or a checkers champion. Either way, if your internal fire wants to get better, stronger, or faster, we want to help channel that passion in a productive way.  

What if I'm not an Artist, Athlete, or Entrepreneur? 

That's okay! We only ask that our participants have a spark inside them, are prepared to push themselves mentally, open themselves up to self-critique, and are ready to find their footing.

What If I Can't Attend All Sessions?

Our modules are progressive, each lesson building upon a previous lesson. If you miss one or two sessions, we can likely catch you up on what you've missed, though we ask you to use your discretion and recognize that our transformations are a more of a process - not a Polaroid picture. 

Do You Provide Private Coaching? 

We do. Reach out to lindsey@powerthroughthat.com for details.